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Step-Parent adoption is the most common adoption type in Alabama. 

A stepparent adoption in Alabama can be a fairly simple process, and it can be a wonderful step to take to unite the family unit. When the adoption is completed, the child will have the following benefits:
> New name is established (if desired)
> New birth certificate
> Two legal parents active in the child’s life
> Ability to inherit from adoptive parent
The child will have a relationship with the adoptive parent that is the same as if the child were born to the stepparent. The child’s new birth certificate will show the child’s new name and will have the adoptive parent and the natural parent listed as the child’s mother and father


ADOPTION OF A CHILD can be a happy and joyful occasion for you and the child or it can be full of stress and frustration.  Depending on the type Adoption you are considering or involved in the process can be difficult, lengthy and expensive. 

Once a child is adopted the biological parent(s) will have no rights to the child. The adopting "parent" can not request child support from the biological parent. 

A biological parent(s) can relinquish his / her rights of the child. A biological parent who relinquishes his / her rights makes the adoption process much quicker and less costly. 


We do not arrange adoptions or locate children for adoption. Clenney and Palmer,  represents

 one of the parties to facilitate and expedite the legal adoption process. 



 Termination of Parental Rights Adoptions usually involves abuse and / or neglect of the child from biological parent(s) 

Terminating a parent's rights to their child is a serious  matter.  The courts will allow the parent chances to correct their wrongful acts and improve their parenting skills ( ways ). 

Unless, the child(ren) are in emanate danger of harm. 

After a parent's rights have been successfully terminated the party looking to adopt can proceed with the adoption process. 


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