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If you are married with children and going though a divorce then Alabama's Child Support laws are going to effect you and your spouse. If you are not married to your child's mother / father Alabama Child Support laws will effect you also.  Both parents whether married or not have a legal duty to provide financial support for the children of the relationship. Alabama has laws that determine the Child Support obligations and insure the child(ren) are getting proper finaincial support from the parents.

Alabama's child support laws, forms, credits and calculations can be complicated.  It is in your best interest to contact the Family Lawyers at CLENNEY & PALMER to help you get through the Alabama Child Support laws and support calculations. If you are the parent who will receive the child support payments, you surely don't want to receive less support that you are entitled to. On the other hand if you are the parent who will have to pay child support, you surley don't want to over pay on the child support. 

There are other child support obligations that may effect you besides the basic support payments. Issues like which parent pays Health, Dental and Vision Insurance , school and college tuition / fees, daycare, extracurricular activities

( sports, field trips, etc) also have to be taken into account with child support. 

Don't take  Alabama Child Support issues lightly. If your child is an infant, you could have a legal obligation to pay child support until that child is 19 year of age or 23 years of age if attending college. 

The Family Law Attorneys at CLENNEY & PALMER are very experienced  with Alabama's child support laws and can get you the best result possible. 

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The Family Law Lawyers at Clenney & Palmer can help you with :

* Establishing child support payments / calculating support per Alabama guidelines

*Amending / Modifing / Terminating current child support agreements / orders

* Enforcing child support agreements / orders

* Having support payer held in contempt of court, if failing to pay the cout ordered amount

* Imputing a certain income amount on a parent ( if not currently employed ) 

​* Deviating from the Child Support Guidelines.

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We Can Help With That !

​Just Call Us 334-262-0400

We Can Help With That !

​Just Call Us 334-262-0400